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Engineering Taught By Engineers

As you can see from our mission statement, we are not just about training. We also build real products. Software development is integral to our company and it helps us develop great courses. It enables us to incorporate real-world scenarios as opposed to using trivial examples in explaining new concepts. Course projects are often based on the products we develop. 

Our engineers are committed to writing well-crafted code that follows best design practices. They bring the same level of passion and commitment to the courses they teach. Our single most important goal is to build confident and complete engineers. That makes a happy engineer. We just hate to see un-confident or not-so-confident engineers.


Dheeru Mundluru

Founder, CTO & Principal Instructor

A passionate software engineer and instructor, Dheeru has around 15 years of experience developing innovative software for start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. He is considered as one of the top instructors on Udemy and has reached out to thousands of students from over 100 countries. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA. His expertise includes developing complex Web data integration & mining software. Coming from the start-up world, he also has extensive end-to-end experience in developing Web applications in domains spanning e-commerce, social bookmarking and local search. 

Dheeru is passionate about developing products that are easy-to-use, intelligent, and well-architected. Writing well-crafted code that follows the best design practices is of utmost importance to him. He brings the same level of passion and completeness to his teaching. He also published and presented half-a-dozen research papers at top conferences and workshops such as International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) and Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR).