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Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!


Check out our World-Class Java In-Depth course on, which currently has over 3300 students from 100 countries. It has been ranked as one of the top 3 Java courses on and has a high average rating of 4.6 from over 630 ratings.

Java In-Depth is a comprehensive project-based Java course that has been designed with following objectives:

  • To help you get an in-depth understanding of both core & advanced concepts in Java
  • To teach best practices & key design principles for writing effective Java programs
  • To help you gain practical experience in writing professional-level code via instructor-led implementation of a project. Project is implemented in Eclipse using MVC design pattern, TDD (Test-Driven Development) principles and other best practices
  • To help you understand the inner workings of Java platform (aka JVM)
  • To teach how to effectively use Eclipse IDE to write, debug, and test Java programs

The motivation behind these objectives is to help you in becoming a complete & industry-ready engineer. Most Java courses focus only on teaching core fundamentals, which at the very best equip students with good basic skills to work on small-to-medium sized projects. Most of these students fall short when it comes to implementing more complex projects. To design elegant solutions for large, complex projects one needs to have a much deeper understanding of language features along with knowledge of the recommended best practices & design principles. More importantly one needs to know how to put all of these into practice. This comprehensive one-stop project-based training series has been designed to equip students with these skills. 

Course Structure:

This course begins by giving a birds-eye view of Java covering everything from origin of Java to installing Java and writing your first Java program. Even the most fundamental concepts like compilation & interpretation are explained. All other topics are covered in-depth starting from language basics, object-oriented concepts (including relevant Java 8 features), JVM, exceptions, IO, data structures, generics, multi-threading, nested classes, enums, and annotations. 

Each lecture has been very carefully crafted. Motivation behind every concept is clearly explained with well thought out examples and nice animations. Object-oriented concepts like inheritance & polymorphism are explained through a real-world case-study, which is also implemented as part of the course project. Every concept has been well-tested through ready-to-run, downloadable demo programs, which are implemented and executed in the course. Every chapter ends with a carefully crafted quiz to test what was learnt.

The course project simulates a real-world product that is based on bookmarking concept. The project is instructor-led and is implemented using proper coding conventions & best practices. The project incorporates MVC design pattern and uses Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology. The entire project is implemented using Eclipse IDE. There is also a separate dedicated chapter just for learning Eclipse IDE, which will give you a solid foundation in using Eclipse to effectively write, debug, and test Java programs. The chapter includes lessons to use Eclipse's debugger & JUnit unit testing framework.

Finally, the course also discusses several best practices/design rules outlined in the popular Effective Java book. This is one of the highlights of the course and will make you truly complete!

Course Preview Videos

Chapter 1 Introduction

What is Java?

An Overview of
Java SE

Class & Objects